Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Alchemy, Smithing and Enchanting are all useful abilities to cultivate in Skyrim, with each one enabling you to forge your own items that will help you on your quest. But since these three skills also affect your overall level, increasing these will naturally improve your abilities.

And so if you spent a bit of time grinding away at Alchemy, Smithing and Enchanting you can quickly boost your level – quickly scoring some extra health, magicka or stamina, new perks and even some gold from the proceeds you might make.

So here’s a few tips to follow to help grind your attributes quickly:


Using the forge to improve and craft weapons and armour is the quickest and most efficient way of boosting your level, and can be an excellent source of finance at later levels.
It doesn’t matter what weapon you craft – and how often – doing so will increase your Smithing skill the same amount each time. Initially you’ll be using simple materials such as leather and iron ingots, and shouldn’t take much time.
  • Start by turning animal hide (such as Wolf Pelts) into leather, which will quickly boost your Smithing skill.
  • From there, craft leather strips, which are needed for Hide Bracers. But don’t use all your leather. One piece of leather creates four leather strips.
  • Hide Bracers require 2 Leather Strips and 1 Leather, making it Smithing item that requires the least amount of materials – therefore making it possible to
  • Iron ore and iron ingots are a little harder to collect, but pre-smelted ingots can regularly be found (and stolen) from homes and buildings around the world.
  • You’ll want to craft an Iron Dagger, which requires 1 Iron Ingot and 1 Leather Strip.
  • After crafting the Iron Dagger at the forge, take it to the grindstone and improve it, using just a single Iron Ingot.
As with Smithing, repeat this process as necessary. Supplies are likely to be limited, but with the little bit of extra effort it can often double the rate at which you level up than if you were only Smithing.


Unlike Smithing and Enchanting, Alchemy does not assist the others in anyway. It won’t be as useful as Smithing to quickly boost your level, but considering the free supplies that litter the landscape, it seems a shame to waste them when it can be used to quickly increase your level.
Some of the later potions can be really useful, if you decide to take to it as a full-time Alchemist. If, however, you just want to use it to boost your level, then follow these tips below.
  • When exploring the game, be sure to gather Blue Mountain Flowers, Blue Butterfly Wings and Wheat. These are abundant throughout the world, and necessary for crafting the most basic potion.
  • Remember: you can also purchase these ingredients, the Alchemist’s store at Whiterun being the first location to do so.
  • Access an Alchemist’s Laboratory and combine any pair of these ingredients. You can apply all three, if you wished, but the effect would remain and will use up your ingredients quicker.
  • Crafting with these items will create a basic Restore Health Potion, useful for obvious reasons.

By combining all three of these skills, you can quickly level up your Skyrim character and unlock extra abilities and strengths – for little more than making a handful of weapons and potions

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